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High School - New Turf Sports Fields

must be what it is like for the 60+ High Schools across the United States that will be playing their first home game on a new field of fake turf. Lets go warm up the grill! Say hello to A FEW of the schools and teams that will enjoy their first game on new modernistic turf that was designed with the player in mind Mountaineer, well? I guess. And West Virginia are but a few of the schools we will be hearing about for the next different months, yet states like Oregon, the list of educational institutions is vast, and I will add that those schools on the "DID NOT" list were only there because they are waiting for their own installation of artificial turf to begin! Like I stated, louisianaCalifornia. Our favorite season is almost upon us, even though it "feels like" we were hunting aster eggs a few days ago. will you do with all of your "newly acquired" spare time? Time that you used to spend cleaning up muddy footprints. TX Boys Latin, iN Pomona Unified, high School, tX University of Idaho, fL, lA Jupiter High School, iD Oregon University Nolan Catholic, pomona, palm Beach, cA Ouachita Christian, stadium, maryland Washington High School, monroe, washington DePew. Or first point on fake will witness first hand what an flawless and refined surface they are playing on, first touchdown, there are countless Universities and other venues popping up every single day! The schools that will have their first pitch. The list of schools is a "Who's-Who's" of high school sports and the number of teams is growing by the day! When I sat down to write this blog I soon discovered that it would be an easier task to list those who "DID NOT" install a new athletic sports field this year. A field that was tailor made to fit the needs of an athlete of any kind. There is only on analyze that comes to mindwhat. Keeping in mind this list only refers to the High Schools using the stunning new playing surface. FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Whether you favor the professional teams or maybe college sports is your thing, to matter where you are you can almost smell and multiply it by 1000This and feel the energy brewing! Now take that feeling.

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Another day, another win for "fake grass"

Chalk up another win for fake grass!!!It is always over-the-top to log in the morning and find remarkable and exciting news in the in fake turf industry! This morning has proven to be one of those days as well. roll please". ARTIFICAL GRASS! According to the Lexington Herald, coach Mark Stoops confirmed Thursday of, "Kentucky's plan to move to a synthetic playing surface at Commonwealth Stadium when the renovations are completed for the 2015 season", you guessed it. As of yesterday it has been decided that the new playing surface for the newly renovated University of Kentucky stadium scheduled to be completed in 2015 will be"Drum. All of you manufacturers, installers, retailers, and supporters need to give yourselves a much deserved pat on the back! As well as another feather in your caps! The era of "fake grass" has finally has done what others never expectedthe. industry has changed the once negative connotation that fake or artificial meant something negative. It appears that fake grass is now the WAVE OF THE FUTURE!!!! Go, go Plastic Turf!.

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